Contributor Profile: Katie Chandler


How long have you been participating in Ten Paces? How did you initially get involved?

I’ve been involved since June 2018, so a little over a year now, and I’ve tried to make it into as many rounds as I can make time for! I believe I was invited via email and quickly learned how neat of a project it is!

What does your creative community or support structure look like? How have you been able to foster or maintain it?

I feel very lucky to live in a city that has a very enthusiastic and growing art community. I’m a member of and attend various events, monthly meetups, and volunteer to connect with other folks, many of which are now friends! Also staying in touch with peers both physically and digitally. Digitally, I have also been lucky to be a part of some some collectives that do collaborative projects, such as Ten Paces and a founding member of Pretty Picture Club. We have big plans in the works to continue to lift up other illustrators, offer resources and make space for community! Community is crucial and so important to me, I’ve built a reserve of energy in my routine exclusive to staying involved!

How do you stay inspired? What do you do when you’re stuck in a rut?

I love looking into the visually stunning things we all know and love, other people’s art, nature, etc. But in recently years, something that I’ve found to work even more effectively for me is that I’ve really taken a lot of time to try and be introspective about the things that excite me and give me energy, and the things that I value in life in general. When I start to feel stuck I remind myself of those things, and think, “ can I make something that feels like THAT.” - but this process will of course look different for everyone!

Are there any creative fears or anxieties you’ve had to overcome? What does that feel like?

Absolutely! I don’t know anyone who hasn’t lol! I have doubts all of the time that like to pop up at random. It feels like getting stuck in a funhouse mirror and nothing seems to look right and you’re not sure which is the real you or where the exit is. I worry about the trajectory of my career, what actions I’m taking but also considering all the things in the world outside of my control. What’s really important is just to try and meet yourself where you are, have fun and enjoy the actual process. Regardless of what the state of our fears or the world, remembering that OUR stories and perspectives are more important than we give ourselves credit for, it’s all so beautiful and should be shared.


What advice do you have for folks just starting out in their creative career?

We all have various levels of experience, exposure to inspiration, and access to resources, however, if you have the urge to make something - make it! With whatever you have access to, bring it into the world somehow. Before you know it you’ll have so much to be proud of. Oh! and be kind, this world is so smol.

Dream client/dream assignment?

This is tough to articulate because I feel like it’s more descriptive of what the values or characteristics of that client or assignment would be, rather than a specific company or deliverable? I really want to work with people who also have similar goals to spread compassion and encourage curiosity in culture. I love when clients truly value the way illustration can convey complex ideas or be used to ignite positive change, at individual and global scales in an accessible/inclusive way. And curiosity is such an important value because, to me, it’s the basis of really wanting to understand and connect with the world around us / be human. So if a client’s product/good/service etc. aligns with those things - I light up!

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