Downton Abbey

In honor of Downton’s 3rd season coming up, here are some sweet, sweet Character Redesigns!

Marisa Seguin illustrated the best character of them all- the estate Downton Abbey of course!

GAH! the terrible, terrible judgement of Mr. Carson! Rachel Dougherty nailed that expression.

Oh, Miss Edith, step out of the shadow behind Mary and find a respectable (maybe younger?) man! by Levi Hastings!

Cora and her enormously fabulous fancy hat! by Emily Balsley!

Caleb Morris’s rendition of Mr. Carson: Captain of Downton.

to wrap it up, here’s Liz Meyer’s simply perfect portrayal of the three sisters.

New redesigns to be posted soon!

Character Redesigns: Pixar!

One violent looking Violet from The Incredibles by Vanesa Del Rey

Mrs. and Mr. Incredible sporting some fashionable new costumes by Francesca Buchko

Edna Mode at her classiest by Kristen Gish


Mike and Sulley: adorably scary chums from Monsters Inc. by Katlyn Griffith

Wall-e and Eeeeeevvaaaaa, robot loovvee by Levi Hastings

Super Chef Remy! With alll the right recipes from Ratatouille by Sarah Straub


Too-cutesy love with Marlin and Coral from Finding Nemo by Danielle Tamburri

Ellie from Up by Sarah Straub

The Root’n'st Toot’n'st Cowboy in the Wild Wild West, our boy Woody by Susan Yung

Woody is only complete with Jessie the (sassy) Yode’lln Cowgirl! by Emily Balsley

Merida with the guiding blue forest spirits from Brave by Lillian Daumier

Next time- Downton Abbey Redesigns!

Adventure Time!!!!

“What? nah. I totally saw Hotdog Princess get sucked in here AND I WASN’T INVITED?” Lumpy Space Princess created by the wonderful Marisa Seguin! Check out more of her MATHEMATICAL work Here!

“LSP you’re wearing TRASH” -Jake. I’m sure Mr. Kevin Stanton really wants LSP to get some love’n from Brad because she is SMOKE’N in this final! More of his cool papuh cutt’n work HERE!

“If anyone tries to hurt Jake, I will kill them.” -BMO. “내 주위에 다리를 감아 내 사랑” -LadyR. This wacked out awesome final is by Wren McDonald! More of his way cool work is FLIPP’N HERE!

Kyle Fewell knows BMO does weird junk when no one is around. like turning into a Game Boy pocket! Yay BMO Yay BMO! Check out more of Kyle’s ALGEBRAIC work HERE!  (it is red hot like pizza supper!)

Hey.. I’m pretty sure we just found BMO’s little living parents! Who wanttsss to play classic viideeoogaammeess?! Rob Chandler freaking does! His work is way cool and can be checked out in THIS LOCATION!

“(if this were real life YOU WOULD BE DEAD)” Natalie Andrewson has got BMO’s dark side down pat. More of her loopy work hheerrrreeeee!

“trial? oh no heh heh, i’m MANNISH MAN the MINOTAUR. HAUAHUA.” Keeper of the righteous ENCHRIDION by Drew Linne! Check out Drew’s MANLY work Here!

“tell her about her spectrum” “EW!!!” Fiyaahhh Preencessssss final by Lillian Duermeier! More sweet work from her is fllippinngggg HEERREE!

“YO EARL, HEY you’re FIRED! you BUTT.” -PB. I can only imagine Lemongrab’s frustration in Patu Phan’s awesome final! More of Patu’s squeeze’n SUGARY work is here!

“CATNIP: SWEET BABIES.”Another kick-butt Patu Phan piece! Oh GLOB she’s good. “I’m bringing my catnip. it’s a conversation starter.”

Next week PIXXAARRR!

Star Wars!

Gabe Sorondo’s Darth Vadar is one little dude, but mega in charge. More of Gabe’s rad work here!

Simone Noronha’s whole Star Wars series is out of control adorable and awesome! check out Simone’s work here!


Allie Doersch’s R2-D2 is in his mega-ultra, turbo-twist’n DJ mode, possibly the most rad feature the little guy has to offer. More of Allie’s work here!

John Carvajal’s R2-D2 on the other hand is going to need some serious help before his super DJ feature is all busted up! John’s work is up here!

Ryan Shaw’s C3PO is awkward, uptight and allllriighht. Check out more of Ryan’s Awesome work here!

Joey Navarra introduces Luke Skywalker many years later as he joins the Dark Side to find a way to defeat the Emperor.. for good. More of Joey’s work here!

Sarah Straub’s Princess Leia is one smooth, hip chick! You rock those hairbuns, girl! More of Sarah’s work is here!

Joanna Barnum’s rough and touch Princess Leia Is longing for a little smooch’n from you-know-who. Check out more of Joanna’s work here!

Make sure you look at the smoke carefully in Fitz Fitzpatrick’s Han Solo piece! don’t want you to miss a thing! Check out Fit’z work here!

John Carvajal’s Han Solo is always in extreme-mode, getting ready to kick some alien booty.

Victor Melendez’s top notch lettering makes Han Solo’s Greedo shot a truly legendary event. More of Vitcor’s work here!


Next up..Adventure Time!

Jurassic Park!

Emily Balsley’s Dr. Alan Grant is getting awfully musical with the Brachiosauruses. hopefully he won’t be sprayed in Dino boogies. Check out Emily’s work here!


Rob Chandler and Robert Muldoon are not very different. both are super jungle men and often say “clevah gahl” to things they’ve been defeated by. Only, one is in a Velociraptor’s digestive system. Here’s more of Mr. Chandler’s work!

Gabe Sorondo’s John Hammond just really wanted to ride a Tyrannosaurus Rex.. and he could not just settle for a grocery store quarter machine. Check out more of Gabe’s work here!


Jess Worby’s Dr. Ian Malcolm has carefully illustrated what glory lies within his mathematically baffling mind. More of Jess’s work here!


Joey Navarra’s Ian Malcolm is trying to explain to us that Dino babies are now going to come for us in every which way and direction– forever. Good one guys. More of Joey’s work here!


Bree Lundberg’s sweet and playful brachiosaurus is loving life in the clouds while it tramples on cars and children below. More of Bree’s work here!


Patu Phan’s Velociraptor is just about the cutest flesh ripping, blood craver out there. Awww. More of Patu’s work here!


Character Redesign: Avatar

Marisa Seguin’s Aang, Appa and Momo are on another epic adventure! More of Marisa’s work here!


Bree Lundberg’s Aang just wants to use his bending for adorable fun time with Momo! Check out Bree’s work here!

Audrey Gonzalez’s Korra is on her new adventures as an air bender rockstar! Defeating bad guys with her tunezz. Check out more of Audrey’s work here!


Francesca Buchko’s Zuko and Uncle Iroh are heating things up in their little tea shop! p.s. their animals suit them so well! More of Francesca’s work here!

Abigail Shaw’s Zuko and Rufio married together by the same actor Dante Basco. Bangarang Mr. Basco! Check out more of Abigail’s work here!


Rachel Wolfenberg’s Toph is one mighty little lady ready for action! Check out more of Rachel’s work here!


Chelsey Holeman sure knows what Toph is into. Her name carved out of rocks pretty much saying she’s the best? ohh yeah. Check out more of Chelsey’s work here!


Heather Bednarz shows us the strong, steady young lady we all remember plus a sweet costume change! Heather’s work is here!


Joey Navarra’s Katara must have her loopies in too tight. Although, that cut wolf tshirt does suit her tribal heritage. More of Joey’s work here


Kevin Stanton’s cut paper Katara always has her trusty pouch of water handy for whatever comes her way! more of Kevin’s work here!

And to wrap it all up here’s Heather Bednarz’s Aang reminding us as a teenager he still had spirit world adventures! So long for now Avatar.. until next Korra season


check out next week’s characters from Jurassic Park!

Wes Anderson Tributes

The Royal Tenenbaums

Wren McDonald’s Margot is one sassy lady, but you’re not allowed to fall in love with her- or her wooden finger. Check out Wren’s work here!


Ryan Shaw shows us Eli at his prime. Oh if only, if only he’d been a Tenenbaum. More of Ryan’s work here!


Anna Santaguida’s Royal Tenenbaum knows how to live. Even his Zebra knows where it’s at. Check out more of Anna’s work over here!


Joey Navarra shows us the Tenenbaum Brady Bunch. I wonder who would be the one to whine “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” More of Joey’s work here!


Angela Rizza’s Family Portrait is nothing less than quirky, flamboyant and “perfect” -Eli. Angela’s work is here!


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Rob Chadler’s Mr. Fox is quite the scoundrel when searching for some delicious game. Check out more of Rob’s work here!


Ann Shen’s Mrs. Fox is such a lady. I wish I could look this good in an apple dress. More of Ann’s work here!


Allie Doersch’s Kristofferson and Ash are going to have a stomach ache to last the ages. but sooo goooddd. Check out Allie’s work here!


Anna Santaguida’s Ash and Mrs. Fox are too cute and would be inefficient on playing cards because we’d all just want to check out the awesome illustrations. More of Anna’s work here!


Natalie Andrewson created Rat and so did Natalie Hall! this could be bad news. but I think it’s quite wonderful. More of Natalie Andrewson’s work is here!


Natalie Hall’s Rat is just the right amount of terrifying as I remember in the book. All bloodied up and running with rage. It was much more terrifying next to Matilda. more of Natalie Hall’s work here!


The Life Aquatic

Fitz Fitzpatrick’s Steve Zissou will never forget the monster that killed Esteban and gave him Crazy Eye. More of Fitz’s work is here!


Jess Worby’s Bill Ubell is not a Human being, just a Bond Company stooge. Always bust’n chops. More work by Jess Worby here!

The Avengers

Noelle Stevenson’s Hawkeye is rock’n his original garb! (he always did look better in pink). Noelle’s rad work can be found here!

Natalie Hall’s Hawkeye has spotted you in mid air, say your prayers- you’re a gonner. Natalie’s got her work up here!

Fitz Fitzpatrick’s Iron Man is here for one reason, to stop any rancid bodily air from reaching the public. Better reconsider that bean burrito. You can check out more of Fitz’s work here!

Audrey Gonzalez’s Tony Stark fights crime at the nicest of hours, because flying high when you have purple shadows is just the only way to fly. Audrey’s work is hang’n out over here!

Natalie Hall’s Black widow is one sassy assassin, with a suit like that you could get away with anything.

Anna Santaguida’s Black Widow is one high-flying butt-kick’n machine! Check out Anna’s work here!

Rob Chandler’s Black Widow is ten times cuter and scarier as a spider. Now you’ll rethink killing that giant one in your closet. could look like/be her. More of Rob’s work can be found here!

Natalie hall’s Loki is probably listening to Thor lecturing him about destroying the Earth or whatever. The boy just wants to have fun, that too hard to ask?

Angela Rizza’s Loki is sporting the horns and rock’n the galaxy, no big thang, just looking AWESOME. check out more of Angela’s work here!

At the end of the night Joey Navarra’s Thor will no longer have clothes, he’ll be swinging around Mijolnir like a helicopter and Loki will hold his hair back when it’s all over. Joey’s work is over here!

Rob Chandler’s Thor is threw with Jane Foster. Mjolnir just has that special something that she can’t offer: crushing skulls.

Jess Worby’s Hulk vs. Bruce is probably the greatest- not because of the size difference but because Hulk has the best smash face EVER. check out Jess’s work here!


Ryan Shaw’s Hulk is going through his screamy teenage girl phase and has no idea what to do. yet. Check out more of Ryan’s work here!

Wren McDonald’s Nick Fury gets the ladies, has an eye patch, is rock’n some Doc Savage rips- HOW could this guy look cooler? no possible way. More of Wren’s work is here!


Check back next time for Wes Anderson Tributes! woooo!

Character Redesign: KILL BILL

Bree Lundberg’s Black Mamba Bride is sooo ready to kick your butt. Look up more of Bree’s killer work here!


Victor Melendez gives us that classic line of perseverance right before Beatrix Kiddo goes out for some head smashing! more of Victor’s work can be seen here!


Ziyue Chen’s Black Mamba is pointing out that we are in for some serious trouble. Check out more of Ziyue’s work here!

Angela Rizza’s epic Elle Driver knows all her stuff about the snakes she’s planning to kill with. Angela has a sweet body of work here!

Both of Alex Vetter’s Elle Drivers are so cute and wonderful, maybe she does have that soft side! ..nah. Check out more of Alex’s fun work here!


Olivia Mew gives us the classic Elle Driver, walking through the halls, about to meet her prey. More of Olivia’s style’n work here!


It’s a pirates life for John Carvajal’s Elle Driver, and it definitely suits her! Look up more of John’s work here!


Rob Chandler’s Elle Driver is going to kill the heck out of whatever she’s plummeting towards! More of Chandler’s crazy work here!


Natalie Hall’s Cottonmouth O-Ren Ishii is a woman with some serious business to take care of. Check out more of Natalie’s great work here!


Ziyue Chen depicts that determined O-Ren Ishii next to the elegance she chooses to fight in.


Sarah Straub’s O-Ren is just about the darn’d cutest thing until you realize ..that’s probably blood on her robes. More of Sarah’s work here.


Young O-Ren is ready for a bloodbath with a swift and powerful pose by Audrey Gonzalez. More of Audrey’s strong work here!

O-Ren’s brain only needs to say one word: “ouch” in Allie Doersch’s gruesomely funny final! More of Allie’s (less bloody) work is hang’n around here!


A Send-Off For Sendak

As most now know, Maurice Sendak died on May 8th. In tribute to an illustrator and author who influenced so many children with stories that never sugar-coated their fears, we’ve put together a handful of tribute drawings for his most popular book, Where the Wild Things Are.

Sendak wrote many other books, including In the Night Kitchen, We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy, and his latest, Bumble-Ardy. A posthumous picture book, My Brother’s Book, is scheduled to be released in February 2013.

The genius of Sendak’s work is that he was never condescending; he never coddled children, never portrayed them as perfect – most of his protagonists are right little jerks and their parents weren’t much better. Coupled with an impressive imagination, these stories resonate with children who can see themselves in the illustrations. From his collaboration with Art Spiegelman (see it here): “You can’t protect kids, they know everything.”

Let the wild rumpus start.

Simone Norohna’s take on the wild rumpus has a particularly disturbing wild thing! See more of her great work here.


Michael Escanuelas’s Max featuring one of Sendak’s most notable quotes. See more of his work here!


Jesse Riggle’s awesome wild thing on wood showing off those terrible teeth and terrible claws! Check out more of Jesse’s work here.


Lisa Cinar’s version of the book’s ending sums up our feelings perfectly. See more of her work here!


Danny Brito’s gender-bender take on Max(ine) has some lovely watercolor work. See more of his work here.


Cody Griffiths tells us exactly where we are! Check out Cody’s work here.


Angela Rizza’s wild thing sporting Sendak’s glasses – he’ll always be part of the books. See more of her stunning work here!


Alexsandra Vetter’s perfectly simple portrayal of Max is simultaneously adorable and melancholy. See more of her work here.


Will Aslett’s, “The Last Rumpus”is the best after-life imaginable. Check out more of his work here.


Steve Schwartz shows that you have to leave in order to arrive. See more of his work here.