MICA + Ten Paces

Ten Paces and Draw was proud to be invited back for our second annual swap with Maryland Institute College of Art! We gathered 20 of our regular contributors to pair with 20 junior illustration students in Allan Comport’s class to work on the theme #HASHTAG.

Each artist created a sketch based on the hashtag of his or her choice. We paired each student with a working illustrator, and here’s the stellar results! On February 14th, Rachel Dougherty, Marissa Lanterman, and Kate Haberer joined Allan’s class for discussion and critique of the work. The swap was a smash hit, with super work from students and illustrators alike.

Many thanks to Allan and his students, and Beth Pecora, his teacher’s assistant, for being such a great group to work with and helping to create such an awesome swap! And many more thanks to our amazing contributors, for putting in the time to blow the minds of a swell crop of art students!

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