Character Redesigns: Pixar!

One violent looking Violet from The Incredibles by Vanesa Del Rey

Mrs. and Mr. Incredible sporting some fashionable new costumes by Francesca Buchko

Edna Mode at her classiest by Kristen Gish


Mike and Sulley: adorably scary chums from Monsters Inc. by Katlyn Griffith

Wall-e and Eeeeeevvaaaaa, robot loovvee by Levi Hastings

Super Chef Remy! With alll the right recipes from Ratatouille by Sarah Straub


Too-cutesy love with Marlin and Coral from Finding Nemo by Danielle Tamburri

Ellie from Up by Sarah Straub

The Root’n'st Toot’n'st Cowboy in the Wild Wild West, our boy Woody by Susan Yung

Woody is only complete with Jessie the (sassy) Yode’lln Cowgirl! by Emily Balsley

Merida with the guiding blue forest spirits from Brave by Lillian Daumier

Next time- Downton Abbey Redesigns!

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