Adventure Time!!!!

“What? nah. I totally saw Hotdog Princess get sucked in here AND I WASN’T INVITED?” Lumpy Space Princess created by the wonderful Marisa Seguin! Check out more of her MATHEMATICAL work Here!

“LSP you’re wearing TRASH” -Jake. I’m sure Mr. Kevin Stanton really wants LSP to get some love’n from Brad because she is SMOKE’N in this final! More of his cool papuh cutt’n work HERE!

“If anyone tries to hurt Jake, I will kill them.” -BMO. “내 주위에 다리를 감아 내 사랑” -LadyR. This wacked out awesome final is by Wren McDonald! More of his way cool work is FLIPP’N HERE!

Kyle Fewell knows BMO does weird junk when no one is around. like turning into a Game Boy pocket! Yay BMO Yay BMO! Check out more of Kyle’s ALGEBRAIC work HERE!  (it is red hot like pizza supper!)

Hey.. I’m pretty sure we just found BMO’s little living parents! Who wanttsss to play classic viideeoogaammeess?! Rob Chandler freaking does! His work is way cool and can be checked out in THIS LOCATION!

“(if this were real life YOU WOULD BE DEAD)” Natalie Andrewson has got BMO’s dark side down pat. More of her loopy work hheerrrreeeee!

“trial? oh no heh heh, i’m MANNISH MAN the MINOTAUR. HAUAHUA.” Keeper of the righteous ENCHRIDION by Drew Linne! Check out Drew’s MANLY work Here!

“tell her about her spectrum” “EW!!!” Fiyaahhh Preencessssss final by Lillian Duermeier! More sweet work from her is fllippinngggg HEERREE!

“YO EARL, HEY you’re FIRED! you BUTT.” -PB. I can only imagine Lemongrab’s frustration in Patu Phan’s awesome final! More of Patu’s squeeze’n SUGARY work is here!

“CATNIP: SWEET BABIES.”Another kick-butt Patu Phan piece! Oh GLOB she’s good. “I’m bringing my catnip. it’s a conversation starter.”

Next week PIXXAARRR!

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