Star Wars!

Gabe Sorondo’s Darth Vadar is one little dude, but mega in charge. More of Gabe’s rad work here!

Simone Noronha’s whole Star Wars series is out of control adorable and awesome! check out Simone’s work here!


Allie Doersch’s R2-D2 is in his mega-ultra, turbo-twist’n DJ mode, possibly the most rad feature the little guy has to offer. More of Allie’s work here!

John Carvajal’s R2-D2 on the other hand is going to need some serious help before his super DJ feature is all busted up! John’s work is up here!

Ryan Shaw’s C3PO is awkward, uptight and allllriighht. Check out more of Ryan’s Awesome work here!

Joey Navarra introduces Luke Skywalker many years later as he joins the Dark Side to find a way to defeat the Emperor.. for good. More of Joey’s work here!

Sarah Straub’s Princess Leia is one smooth, hip chick! You rock those hairbuns, girl! More of Sarah’s work is here!

Joanna Barnum’s rough and touch Princess Leia Is longing for a little smooch’n from you-know-who. Check out more of Joanna’s work here!

Make sure you look at the smoke carefully in Fitz Fitzpatrick’s Han Solo piece! don’t want you to miss a thing! Check out Fit’z work here!

John Carvajal’s Han Solo is always in extreme-mode, getting ready to kick some alien booty.

Victor Melendez’s top notch lettering makes Han Solo’s Greedo shot a truly legendary event. More of Vitcor’s work here!


Next up..Adventure Time!

  1. These are great!

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