Character Redesign: Avatar

Marisa Seguin’s Aang, Appa and Momo are on another epic adventure! More of Marisa’s work here!


Bree Lundberg’s Aang just wants to use his bending for adorable fun time with Momo! Check out Bree’s work here!

Audrey Gonzalez’s Korra is on her new adventures as an air bender rockstar! Defeating bad guys with her tunezz. Check out more of Audrey’s work here!


Francesca Buchko’s Zuko and Uncle Iroh are heating things up in their little tea shop! p.s. their animals suit them so well! More of Francesca’s work here!

Abigail Shaw’s Zuko and Rufio married together by the same actor Dante Basco. Bangarang Mr. Basco! Check out more of Abigail’s work here!


Rachel Wolfenberg’s Toph is one mighty little lady ready for action! Check out more of Rachel’s work here!


Chelsey Holeman sure knows what Toph is into. Her name carved out of rocks pretty much saying she’s the best? ohh yeah. Check out more of Chelsey’s work here!


Heather Bednarz shows us the strong, steady young lady we all remember plus a sweet costume change! Heather’s work is here!


Joey Navarra’s Katara must have her loopies in too tight. Although, that cut wolf tshirt does suit her tribal heritage. More of Joey’s work here


Kevin Stanton’s cut paper Katara always has her trusty pouch of water handy for whatever comes her way! more of Kevin’s work here!

And to wrap it all up here’s Heather Bednarz’s Aang reminding us as a teenager he still had spirit world adventures! So long for now Avatar.. until next Korra season


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