Wes Anderson Tributes

The Royal Tenenbaums

Wren McDonald’s Margot is one sassy lady, but you’re not allowed to fall in love with her- or her wooden finger. Check out Wren’s work here!


Ryan Shaw shows us Eli at his prime. Oh if only, if only he’d been a Tenenbaum. More of Ryan’s work here!


Anna Santaguida’s Royal Tenenbaum knows how to live. Even his Zebra knows where it’s at. Check out more of Anna’s work over here!


Joey Navarra shows us the Tenenbaum Brady Bunch. I wonder who would be the one to whine “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” More of Joey’s work here!


Angela Rizza’s Family Portrait is nothing less than quirky, flamboyant and “perfect” -Eli. Angela’s work is here!


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Rob Chadler’s Mr. Fox is quite the scoundrel when searching for some delicious game. Check out more of Rob’s work here!


Ann Shen’s Mrs. Fox is such a lady. I wish I could look this good in an apple dress. More of Ann’s work here!


Allie Doersch’s Kristofferson and Ash are going to have a stomach ache to last the ages. but sooo goooddd. Check out Allie’s work here!


Anna Santaguida’s Ash and Mrs. Fox are too cute and would be inefficient on playing cards because we’d all just want to check out the awesome illustrations. More of Anna’s work here!


Natalie Andrewson created Rat and so did Natalie Hall! this could be bad news. but I think it’s quite wonderful. More of Natalie Andrewson’s work isĀ here!


Natalie Hall’s Rat is just the right amount of terrifying as I remember in the book. All bloodied up and running with rage. It was much more terrifying next to Matilda. more of Natalie Hall’s work here!


The Life Aquatic

Fitz Fitzpatrick’s Steve Zissou will never forget the monster that killed Esteban and gave him Crazy Eye. More of Fitz’s work is here!


Jess Worby’s Bill Ubell is not a Human being, just a Bond Company stooge. Always bust’n chops. More work by Jess Worby here!

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