Character Redesign: KILL BILL

Bree Lundberg’s Black Mamba Bride is sooo ready to kick your butt. Look up more of Bree’s killer work here!


Victor Melendez gives us that classic line of perseverance right before Beatrix Kiddo goes out for some head smashing! more of Victor’s work can be seen here!


Ziyue Chen’s Black Mamba is pointing out that we are in for some serious trouble. Check out more of Ziyue’s work here!

Angela Rizza’s epic Elle Driver knows all her stuff about the snakes she’s planning to kill with. Angela has a sweet body of work here!

Both of Alex Vetter’s Elle Drivers are so cute and wonderful, maybe she does have that soft side! ..nah. Check out more of Alex’s fun work here!


Olivia Mew gives us the classic Elle Driver, walking through the halls, about to meet her prey. More of Olivia’s style’n work¬†here!


It’s a pirates life for John Carvajal’s Elle Driver, and it definitely suits her! Look up more of John’s work here!


Rob Chandler’s Elle Driver is going to kill the heck out of whatever she’s plummeting towards! More of Chandler’s crazy work here!


Natalie Hall’s Cottonmouth O-Ren Ishii is a woman with some serious business to take care of. Check out more of Natalie’s great work here!


Ziyue Chen depicts that determined O-Ren Ishii next to the elegance she chooses to fight in.


Sarah Straub’s O-Ren is just about the darn’d cutest thing until you realize ..that’s probably blood on her robes. More of Sarah’s work here.


Young O-Ren is ready for a bloodbath with a swift and powerful pose by Audrey Gonzalez. More of Audrey’s strong work here!

O-Ren’s brain only needs to say one word: “ouch” in Allie Doersch’s gruesomely funny final! More of Allie’s (less bloody) work is hang’n around here!


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