Character Redesign: Breaking Bad

Gabe Sorondo knows the true Walter White. A man full of swag, danger and casshh monayy. Gabe’s got his work up here!


Fitz Fitzpatrick’s Walter White has just realized he’s a little in over his head. Check out more of Fitz and his work here!


Mr. Justin Volz hands us the freaky side of quirky chemistry teacher Walter White. More of Justin’s unworldly work here!


Alan Dalby’s geometric Walter White creates and concocts something either vile- or exquisite. depends who it’s for. More of Dalby’s graphic work here!


Wren McDonald keeps Walter White pondering his fate while everything rests on this new, dirty hobby. More of Wren’s sick work here!


Anna Bernal’s Jesse Pinkman is a skiddish kid again when he realizes he’s right back in school with Mr. White. Anna’s beautiful work can be found here!


Gabe Sorondo hits it again with Jesse Pinkman, or ‘Cap’n Cook’, out there to sell his saucy-sweet chili powder crystals.


John Carvajal knows Jesse Pinkman is just plain ole’ mad-crazy for the substances, enough to take off the shoes and show those monster toenails! ah! John’s freak’n cool work is sitt’n over here!

  1. Emiliano

    I don’t really understeand why they’re “redesigned” when they’re essentially the same charachters… But really great illustrations.

    • Valid point. We leave the illustrations open to the artists – but this turned out to be more of fan art. They still do all look amazing this round though.

  2. Emiliano, I agree with you. I can’t speak for anyone else but I should’ve been a little more creative. However, I feel that the “redesigned” aspect of it is the artists execution more than how different the characters are from the shows characters. Not to say that your don’t have a point, because you do, but I think it’s pretty interesting to see everyone illustrating the same thing in their own “style” (if you will). Next time I’m part of something like this I’ll definitely be more exploratory.

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