Carpe Diem

Last night I checked my mail (like real mail) pretty late, and I was so excited to find The amazing journal that Mary Kate McDevitt just released through Chronicle Books waiting for me in my box! Talk about something making your night. I looked through the entire journal and fell asleep with it on my bedside table.

I can’t wait to start using it to keep track of my goals. I just recently read an inspiring post from designer Dave Gamache entitled, “Three Month Goals”. The article discusses Dave’s process for managing longer term goals, categorizing objectives over the span of three months. This write up inspired me a ton, and where better to keep track of my new goal lists than Mary Kate’s ‘Carpe Diem’ journal.

I think this journal fits awesome with our blog theme of the week too! After reading Adam J. Kurtz’s insightful post, and teaching my 4th marketing class this week, I feel inspired to make positive changes to the way I run my business and present myself online. I also read EZ’s incredibly personal, and inspiring post on Creature Comforts yesterday “Things I’m Afraid to Tell You”. What great insight! I’d like to start to be more open, and I think that’s the perfect use for this beautiful new journal. Did I mention it is adorable also? Take a look at some of the spreads!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned yet in this post how much I LOVE the work of Mary Kate McDevitt. She’s been a participant on this blog since it’s infancy, and she’s become a good online artist friend. I finally get to meet her in a month when we go to ICON in Rhode Island (can’t wait by the way). Hopefully by then I’ll have this journal filled out with all of my newly organized goal lists!

If you’d like to grab your own copy of this journal you can visit Chronicle’s site, or if you’ve got Amazon Prime like I do you can snag it here. So excited!

  1. Very nice! I’m going to have to buy one! Reminds me very much of the Smash books K and Company makes~

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