Character Redesign: The Hunger Games

Anna Santaguida’s picky-choosey Effie Trinket looks like she’s picked out her favorite candy! check out more of Anna’s sweet style’n work here!


Susan Yung paints us one crazy cool Effie- love’n life as a capitol girl! Here’s more of Susan’s whimsical work!


Ryan Shaw’s Effie Trinket lays down the rules flawlessly- even in those ten inch heels! check out more of Ryan’s work here!


Audrey Gonzalez’s Katniss Everdeen is fierce and strong, we wouldn’t have to second guess that her heart was really on fire. Check out more of Audrey’s work here!


Kristen Gish portrays Katniss Everdeen as if she were in Clarissa Explains It All! Because before Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games she used to write for the classic Nickelodeon tv show. Kristen Gish has more of her work up here !


Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi shows the many epic stages of Katniss, elegant and powerful. check out more of Ariyana’s work here!


Caleb Morris’s Rue sweetly slumbers at her grave in the woods made by Katniss. Caleb has more work Here!


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