Character Redesign: Game Of Thrones

Ten Paces is proud to announce it’s new Character Redesign project on the blog! Biweekly we’ll have a bunch of great artists re-imagining a character from popular media like books, games, tv series and movies. Each week it’s a new set of characters that the artists give life to in their own style!


First up is Tyler Schatz’s old, piratey Jon Snow- still going strong, even with a peg leg! check out more of Tyler’s work here!

Even Angela Rizza’s mighty Jon Snow can’t get rid of his cold, red nose! more beautiful work by Angela here.

Kyle Fewell’s wicked Jon Snow, studying what winter lies before him. More of Kyle’s sick work here!

Jon Suguiyama’s Jon Snow is at attention and ready for trouble in this rock’n portrayal! check out more of Mr. Suguiyama’s work here

Wren McDonald’s gritty ink serves Jon Snow’s coarse, amputated life well. here‘s more of Wren’s awesome work.

Jess Worby’s Jon Snow is always looking around the corner for what trouble will come next. More of Jess’s work can be found here!

Anna Satanguida’s Daenerys Targaryen is in control of her sweet dragon babies. More of Anna’s work here!

Tyler Schatz’s smoke’n hot Daenerys Targaryen with braids and tattoos I’d want any day.

Joanna Barnum’s Daenerys Targaryen has ditched the horses and is on the road again- ready to kick some major butt. Check out Joanna’s work here!

Rob Chandler’s Jaime Lannister has fought his way to power and will take on anyone who dares to challenge him. His eyebrows are ready. You can find more of Mister Chandler’s work here!

Francesca Buchko’s rendition of Jaime Lannister has us all wondering if Jaime isn’t all that bad after all. Francesca’s stellar work can be found here!

Wren McDonald makes Jaime Lannister who he truly is. A sly, vicious dude with perfect hair. A true Lion.

and that’s it for round one!

next time- The Hunger Games! check back soon!

  1. These are so great! I love the badass reinterpretations of Daenerys and the older Jon Snow. Kudos to all the artists!

  2. Everyone totally hit it out of the park on these! Can’t wait for Hunger Games!

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